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Fairy Tale Knights (digital version)


Fairy Tale Knights follows the adventures of Malia, the youngest and most powerful knight in the Order of the Red Hoods. Under the guide of Mother Goose and the Order of Grannies, Malia, along with her fellow knights, and her best friend and familiar Patrick the wolf, have the duty of protecting the Land of Imagination and most importantly protecting the sacred Book of Tales. This book holds all the written tales and fables and is of great power to both the world of imagination, and the world of humans. Whoever holds this book, controls all things. Due to the power of the book, a war has broken out, Mother Goose is thought to be deceased, and Malia and Patrick have been tasked with getting to the bottom of all of the chaos and restore peace to the lands. 122 pages full color
This is the entire first Volume of FTK in digital form for reading on tablets, smart phones, desktops, laptops, etc. All 122 pages wrapped in a nice digital bundle for your reading pleasure! Once ordered, shortly after you will receive an email with your file for downloading!!